Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Vac then Steam

For some of you peeps out there that wanted to know about this new Shark "Steam then Mop" thingy, here's the low down on the first time I took it for a spin...

E.Z. to put together...all you have to do is pop the handle in. You go ahead and put the water in to the fill tank, but do not put the mop contraption thing on while you're sweeping. You make sure the switch is flipped over to the "vacuum" option (see pic), then turn it on...

I'd say it did a decent job at vacuuming, but by no means any better than any other stick vacuum. I think the point here is to only have to have one device instead of two, and I must say it is super convenient.

(in case you're wondering, as you probably should, that is some pot roast from dinner that somehow "escaped" the boy's plates and made it on to the floor. This new vac in no way has the power or is made to pick up something that big.) Below is a picture of the debris it did pick up from the eat-in area of the kitchen:

Then you just set it on top of the mop/magnet thingy - which very easily snaps in to place:

...then you just have to switch the button over to "steam" :

...lower the arm (lean it back like when in use) to activate the steaming function, and take off! Once it had enough steam flowing through it, it did a good job

When using the thicker looped pad (comes w/ 4 total, which is nice) you have to use several passes over a spot to really get it up, but didn't have to apply as much pressure as I do w/ the older model I had, or with the Swiffer...sheesh.

All in all, I think he and I are going to get along juuuuuuust fine. :)

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